Social Responsibility

Commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility

     Corporate social responsibility is a very important company policy to Jin Sun Gee. Therefore, this important idea is implemented in our company management, product development, employee care and social relations. Via systematic integration of corporate resources and relevant trainings, we promise to achieve the following goals in order to become world’s standard enterprise with sustainability, energy conservation and social care in mind.


Our social responsibility policy includes following:


1. Compliance with laws and regulations.


2. Promotion of employment freedom.


3. Reinforcement of humane treatment.


4. Ban of discrimination.


5. Development of good communication channels.


6. Complete employee remuneration and welfare.


7. Employee skill trainings.


8. Integrity in business development.


9. Respect of intellectual property rights.


10. Implementation of information transparency.


11. Promoting social cultural cultivation and care of the underprivileged.


12. Extending social responsibility.



Community Charity Events

     We always take the initiative in attending social care events in an aim to further extend our social contributions. Apart from relevant support called by the society, we also try to help underprivileged groups via donations and participation in social care or charity events. Through these acts of care, we hope to spread love into every corner of the society and help make the world a better place for everyone.


2013.4.23 Donation of NT$500,000 each to Tainan He-Sun Elementary School and Cheng-Kung

                 Elementary School for improvement of the reading environment for pupils.


2013.1.23 Donation of NT$50,000 to Tainan He-Sun Elementary School for repair of the digital video

                 surveillance system.


- Regular donations to Tainan He-Sun Elementary School and Cheng-Kung Elementary School for Pupil

  Lunch Fund and School Management Fund every school term.