Core Competence

In the early stage, our growth came from the demands of customers and the market. 


Nowadays, Jin Sun Gee lead the trend in market and being as a consultant to work with customers in products development.


Jin Sun Jee are not only a professional manufacturer but also has additional abilities in product design and development.
Whether the own design or co-development with customers, our goals are to meet market needs, reducing manufacturing costs, and increasing values added.


The safety standard for infant and baby products are highly demanded and required by the strict regulation and complex procedures, thus the expertise is most valued.
As we devoted effort in this field for a long time, we have accumulated knowledge and expertise that become our advantage in competition.


Looking forward the bright future, Jin Sun Gee is strived to the future prospect of having owned brand products since its establishment.
We keep on improving ourselves with the principle of "having the ability to be the public traded company" to be our quality policy, to develop more customized products
bring more comfort and happiness to enrich people's life. Our final goal is to become the world’s topmost manufacturer of baby products.


Our products are inspected strictly by regular tests, and the self-inspections are implemented for product reliability.
The methods of self-inspection and regulations of safety standard are databased for further reference as well, that help our products pass the various tests with excellent performance.
And the high quality of products and customized service win the reputations among customers.


To enhance the competitiveness, we have obtained the international certifications such as, 

Aspect of Quality:

Qualifications obtained for ISO9001: 2008, ISO9001: 2015, INOR, CCC, Dorel SQA, and WM-FCCA, etc.


Social Responsibility:

JSG's factory audits are executed by the authorized inspection organization, and we successfully certified by SMETA, WM-RS, and WM-SCS.


Security of Cargo:

JSG is approved via anti-terrorism audits and obtained the qualified report of C-TPAT which can reduce inspections by customs,
expedite clearance of goods and reduce delays.


JSG passes the yearly audits by third-party (such as Quality Supervision, Social Responsibility, Anti-terrorism ...) and the Supplier Audit requsted from Europe, USA, Japan and mainland China, etc.

Our stable quality, efficient capacity, and the system of operating process are recognised by the customers and suppliers.


In April 2017, we successfully obtained the testing report and complied with Korean safety standard, we are within the top ranks of Taiwanese manufacturers who step into the Korean market.


In September 2017, we attened Kind+Jugend, the international exhibition in Cologne, Germany. The new products are eye-catching design and attracts many customers from vaious countries.
We got contacted in process with Indian customers, and planning actively for Indian safety standard,
with expectation that to be the first Taiwanese manufacturer of baby products who march into India market.