Core Competence

       Initially, the incentive of our growth comes from customer and market demands. Nowadays, we provide better product ideas and suggestions to our customers and take the lead in product development projects. We are not only a professional manufacturer, but also a company with strong and complete R&D abilities. Whether products are developed solely by ourselves or customer requests, we make sure they meet these three demands: market need, cost-down, and good added values.


       The international regulations set strict standards on the examination of baby products and are being updated on a continuous basis. As a result, it’s quite difficult in acquiring a comprehensive and complete knowledge base of relevant regulations for each product. However, since we have been immersing ourselves in this field for a long time, the accumulated knowledge and know-hows we have along the way regarding baby products has also become one of our strong advantages.


       Staying creative, competitive, and maintaining strong executive ability has been one of our highest policies when it comes to quality. Through long-term tests and examinations from the markets and  professional organizations, we have accumulated good practices of self-testing methods and database setup. We also perform in-house product tests on a regular basis in order to maintain and further improve our high product quality. Apart from this, the other reasons why we gain strong confidence from customers are:

1. Quality: Acquisition of certificates of ISO9001, INOR,CCC,Dorel SQA,WM-FCCA, etc.
2. Social Responsibility: Acquisition of approved reports under guidelines of SMETA,WM-RS, etc. from third party auditing organizations.
3. Logistic Safety: Approved and certified as a Model Factory by WM-SCS audit, thus safe and fast export of goods into the US market is made smooth and fast.